Episode 11 – Fitness in the Third World with John Rozmus

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In this episode, I talk with Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, John Rozmus. John served for three years as a volunteer for the Peace Corps’ health sector in The Gambia, West Africa. As a life-long advocate for health and fitness; which includes playing sports, fitness modeling, and becoming a certified personal trainer, John has built extensive knowledge on the subject. And he utilized what he had learned in order to help serve the communities in which he resided.

In this episode, he tells about his time in the Peace Corps. Including the challenges he faced with maintaining his physical and mental well-being, and some of the ways in which he helped those he was called to serve. He also shares his advice as a personal trainer. Explaining how you can embark on your own fitness journey, and use sustainable practices in order to create an overall healthier version of yourself throughout your life.

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John’s Capstone Project in The Gambia… The Basse Fitness Center

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