A Life of Travel with Derek Baron

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Today on the podcast I’m joined by Derek Baron, creator and author of the travel blog, Wandering Earl.

This was a conversation that I was looking forward to. As Derek has been traveling for a very long time! He first headed to southeast Asia in 1999 and has been traveling full-time ever since. As of the recording of this episode, he has now been to 116 countries!

In Derek’s early days of traveling, things were different. As he didn’t have many of the resources that are available now; such as booking sites and blogs. Therefore, he found that talking to people and asking for help was the best way to get around. This led to many opportunities for him to travel and work abroad. Including; teaching English in Thailand, working for various cruise liners, and ultimately starting his blog.

In this episode Derek shares some of his amazing stories from two decades of full-time travel. He talks about some of the amazing highlights, as well as a couple of crazy misadventures! We also discuss some of the life lessons that he’s learned along the way; such as the value of talking to people and asking for help. How everyone is the same no matter where they’re from. And why you should just get started with things that you want to pursue in your life.

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