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For this episode of The All-Around Adventure Podcast, I’m joined by obstacle course racer and ultramarathon runner, Alexandra Walker.

Alexandra was born in Colombia and grew up all around South America. During that time, she began her journey as a lifelong athlete. She rode horses and played a variety of different sports. After moving to Texas, she ventured into obstacle course racing and ultramarathon running. Along the way, she has taken part in some very challenging events. Such as the World’s Toughest Mudder, a 24-hour endurance event that she did when it was only 24 degrees out! Now she continues to improve herself through rigorous training and seeking more competition.

In this episode, Alexandra talks about her journey as a lifelong athlete and the tough fitness challenges that she’s taken on. She also shares her insights on fitness, rest and recovery, and dealing with online haters. Furthermore, we discuss the importance of healthy competition and how to stay consistent with what you set out to do.

To watch the video of our conversation, head over to the All-Around Adventure YouTube channel!

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