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For this episode of The All-Around Adventure Podcast, I’m joined by Buck Hough, owner and builder of Bin-Walkin.

During my thru-hike across Michigan for Operation: Wolverine Walk. I had many people graciously offer me aid along the way. I had people give me rides, welcome me into their homes, cook me meals, bring me supplies, and much more. These people we’re Trail Angels of the North Country Trail. And Buck was one of those Trail Angels that I met when I made it further south in Michigan’s lower peninsula. Before I arrived, he had told me that he had just finished building a shelter on his property out of an old grain bin that he had salvaged. And that I would get to stay in it! This shelter became known as Bin-Walkin.

As a hiker himself, Buck understands how nice a warm and comfy dwelling can be after hiking many miles on Michigan’s trails. And he sought a way to create such a safe haven for his fellow hikers. This led him to build Bin-Walkin, a shelter with electricity, a wood stove, a sink, a legitimate outhouse, and much more! Now he and his wife Jenny have hosted many hikers that have made their way through along the North Country Trail. And each hiker leaves behind their stories and other memorabilia to help and inspire more hikers that come through. In this episode, Buck tells us some of his own hiking stories and shares what it’s been like to build Bin-Walkin and host his fellow hikers.

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