COLLIN COTTRELL│Losing 100 To Run 100

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For this episode of The All-Around Adventure Podcast, I’m joined by Collin Cottrell, owner and founder of High Caliber Hunts.

Back in January of 2021, Collin was in a physical state that he was not happy with. He weighed almost 300 pounds and wasn’t living to his full potential. He decided to make a change and embarked on a journey of health and wellness. Within two years time, he lost 100 pounds and began training to become an ultra-endurance runner. And just a little over a month ago, Collin successfully ran 100 miles in the Rocky Racoon 100 Trail Race at Huntsville State Park in Texas. Also, just before the release of this episode, he ran 100 kilometers in the Crazy Desert Trail Race at Texas’ San Angelo State Park. Now he has his sights set on longer races in the future.

I sat down with Collin just a few days after he completed the Rocky Racoon 100 to hear his story. Preparing for an endeavor like this definitely wasn’t easy for him. Not only did he have to put in many grueling hours and miles during training. But he also had to make sure that he was putting in the work for his businesses. As well as being present as a husband and a father. In this episode, Collin tells us about how he prepared for the Rocky Raccoon 100 and how he made sure that he still showed up effectively in other areas of his life. He also tells us about what it was like during the race and the mindset that he had while going through it. Furthermore, he and I discuss the importance of utilizing focus, intentionality, and efficiency in order to accomplish amazing things in life.

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