Cultivate Your Warrior Soul with Chris Albert

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Within each of us lies an internal battle between who we are currently, and who we want to become. With who we want to become being our warrior side. Today on the podcast I’m joined by fellow Marine and Veteran entrepreneur, Chris Albert, to talk about climbing out of a hole after hitting rock bottom. How to make the most out of your one shot at life. And how you can cultivate your warrior soul.

Chris is the founder of Warrior Soul Agoge, which is a community of Veterans seeking to reawaken and hone their warrior spirits for success in the modern world. With the Agoge consisting of an apparel line, a podcast, and a mastermind group called the Warrior’s Obituary Society.

Though prior to embarking on this path of entrepreneurship, Chris spent time in the Marine Corps as an infantryman. Following his service, he took notice of the tragic state of many Veterans and made it his mission to help them live their best lives. Though this path did not come without challenges. Along the way Chris faced failed businesses, ruined relationships, he was without a home for a while and living out of his car, and he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

Despite all of it, he pressed on and is now running a successful business. He’s also taking good care of his health by staying active through weight lifting and jiu-jitsu. And he hosts a podcast that has allowed him to connect with a variety of amazing people; including Grant Cardone, Nick Bare, Ryan Michler, and Donny O’Malley, just to name a few. In this episode, Chris tells us more of his story, talking about the life lessons that he’s learned from his successes and failures, some of his travels around the world, and how you can cultivate your own warrior soul.

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Also, check out the Warrior’s Obituary Society, the Warrior Soul Podcast, and Warrior Soul Apparel for some sweet gear!

And take a look at the Waking Up app that Chris mentioned on the show!

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