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For this episode of The All-Around Adventure Podcast, I talk with world traveler and serial expat, David McNeill.

David has covered a lot of ground throughout his time traveling and living abroad. While growing up, he became very interested in Japan and sought to visit the country someday. He began studying Japanese culture and the language in-depth in order to prepare ahead of time. This led to a very enriching experience when he first visited the country. Eventually, he made the decision to make Japan his home for a time. And he lived there as an expatriate for two years.

After his time living in Japan, David wanted to continue his expat lifestyle. He then moved to Germany, where he lived for three years. A place that brought on a whole new set of challenges for him. He now currently lives in Portugal and intends to be there for some time. Throughout his tenure as an expatriate in these different countries, David learned a lot of valuable lessons. Which he now shares with others through his brand, Expat Empire.

In this episode, David tells us more about his story. He shares some of his amazing experiences from his time living in Japan, as well as the other countries that he’s lived in! We also have some great discussions about the benefits of living abroad and how you can find opportunities to do it yourself!

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