Digital Detox While Trekking in Scotland

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How long can you go without looking at your phone? A day? An hour? A minute? 10 seconds? For many people it may not be very long before they end up looking at their phones and checking Facebook or their other social media accounts. While trekking through the highlands of Scotland I just kept my phone turned off and stowed away in my rucksack. And I was glad that I did!

Let’s face it, many people spend a lot of time looking at their phones. I’ve observed people looking at their phones while walking, driving, or (even worse) while they are sitting across from their date during dinner. Now there are certain instances when the phone might be used for things like checking movie show times or looking up something that came up in conversation. Or in the case of my brother, catching that wild Blastoise that’s across the street! However, I feel that more often than not this is not the case. Sometimes I’m guilty of looking at my phone a lot as well. Never when I’m on a date though, that’s just rude!

During my adventure in Scotland I didn’t look at my phone for four whole days. Not just because I knew that the chances of me getting a signal out there were slim to none. But I felt that the phone would have been an unwanted distraction. Scotland was absolutely beautiful! And I felt that checking my phone would take away from the spectacular views around me. I liked that I could just enjoy nature and live in the moment!

As a travel blogger and someone who’s relatively active on social media, it may seem strange that I would welcome and enjoy the opportunity to be “disconnected” from the rest of the world for four whole days. I do like putting out content and sharing my stories and the world with others. And I’m very grateful for those who continue to follow me and support my blog and social media accounts. But I’m first and foremost an adventurer, and getting out in the wild and experiencing what mother nature has to offer brings me fulfillment that is hard to beat.

I encourage everyone to go out and experience nature. It doesn’t have to be for four whole days like a did. It could perhaps be an over night loop hike or an afternoon trail walk. When you do leave your phone off and let your senses take in what’s around you. There is so much beauty to our wonderful planet, and it’s definitely worth going out and seeing.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If so please share it! Where would you go to get back in touch with nature? Leave a comment below and tell about it! Also thank you to those who support my blog and social media accounts. If you haven’t seen my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts yet. Be sure to go check them out and hit those like, follow, and subscribe buttons right in the face! Glad you came by my blog today, have a good one!

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