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For this episode of The All-Around Adventure Podcast, I’m joined by food archaeologist, entrepreneur, and educator, Dr. Bill Schindler.

Dr. Schindler specializes in the study of primitive technologies and various aspects of prehistoric food acquisition, storage, and consumption. This pursuit has led him to some incredible places around the world. And he’s had some amazing culinary experiences along the way. Some of which include mixing blood and milk with the Samburu warriors in East Africa, eating insects in Southeast Asia, and learning from world-class chefs in Europe. Now he seeks to share what he’s learned to help others optimize their health through food. To do so, he travels across the country to present at various conferences. Additionally, he’s written a book, titled Eat Like A Human, which is now on shelves. And he prepares scratch-made artisan food for the public at the Modern Stone Age Kitchen in Chestertown, Maryland.

In this episode, Dr. Schindler talks about his journey as a food archaeologist and how he continues to learn as a lifelong student. He also shares his advice for seeking out healthy food options at restaurants and grocery stores while traveling. Furthermore, we discuss other aspects to consider in order to attain optimal holistic health.

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