Episode 29 – The Heart of Travel with Chelsea Glass

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In this episode, I chat with my friend Chelsea Glass, owner and operator of The Heart of Travel.

Chelsea’s story begins eight years ago at age 19. When she off on her first solo international travel experience to Guatemala. At the time she knew very little about Latin America and didn’t know how to speak Spanish. Though one thing led to another and eventually she became fluent in the language, made valuable connections, and has come to call Guatemala home.

With her passion for travel and all things Latin America. She went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Spanish and eventually created The Heart of Travel alongside her friend Ana. And the two started the company with a mission to bring their clients authentic and memorable adventures in and around Latin America. Focusing on offering trips that are not only ethical, sustainable, and responsible. But also leave a positive impact on both their clients, as well as the local economy.

In this episode, Chelsea tells us the story of how she found her way to Guatemala and her experience with learning Spanish. As well as how she ultimately settled in and based herself there. We also discuss her journey as an entrepreneur and the challenges that she faced with building her business along the way. Many of which include myths and misconceptions surrounding Latin America that deters many people from wanting to travel there. Though despite these challenges, she has been able to build up her travel company. And now often sells out group trips months in advance. All after being in operation for just a year and a half.

Along with this, we also talk about the importance of consistency and a strong work ethic when pursuing the things that you want to achieve in your life. How the life of an entrepreneur isn’t always as glamorous as what many people might think. And why you should seek out mentors and accountability partners. So whether you’re interested in traveling to Latin America, pursuing entrepreneurship yourself, or working to achieve other things in your life. There is definitely much to be taken away from this conversation!

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