Episode 30 – Brothers Who Travel with Zach Guerrero

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In this episode I have a very special guest joining me! For I speak with none other than my brother, Zach Guerrero.

While I was serving in the Marine Corps, and eventually the Peace Corps. Zach set out on his own path of travel and adventure. Beginning with a move to Michigan’s upper peninsula. A place with expansive forests and beautiful national parks like Pictured Rocks and Isle Royale.

It was around this time when Zach was pursuing his degree in environmental engineering. During his studies, he decided to expand his horizons with a study abroad. And he made his way down to Costa Rica for four months to study Spanish.

Eventually, our paths crossed again, and he and I met in Morocco during my Peace Corps service. There we set out on an epic adventure. One that led us on a trek through the Atlas Mountains and through the Sahara Desert while riding camels.

In this episode Zach shares some of his early travel experiences. And we reminisce about our time traveling together in Morocco. He also shares some of the life lessons that he learned along the way. This was an episode that I really enjoyed doing and it was so great to catch up with my brother. And I hope you all enjoy our conversation!

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