Episode 32 – Boot Camp Stories with Ray Benedetti

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Today I talk with my friend and fellow podcaster, Ray Benedetti.

Ray is the host and founder of the OutrageoU.S. podcast. A show in which he discusses different issues that the U.S. is currently facing. Not too long ago I was featured as a guest. When I joined him and his other host, Matt Sams, to talk about first world problems (Episode 13!).

Now we are flipping the script, and Ray is joining me to talk about another thing that we share in common. Not only is he a fellow podcaster, but he’s also a fellow U.S. Marine. And our decision to join the Marine Corps has led us both on an incredible adventure. One that began with a three-month-long journey through the Hell that is Marine Corps Boot Camp.

Though he and I set off on fairly different paths to earning the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. Whereas I went to Boot Camp in San Diego California. Ray went to Parris Island, South Carolina. In this episode, we exchange our stories. Talking about some of the funniest moments that we had. The different kinds of training that we received. The greatest challenges that we had faced. And of course, the life lessons that were learned.

This was a conversation that I really enjoyed. It was great to take a walk down memory lane and reflect on what I had accomplished. And I hope you all enjoy our stories!


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