Episode 33 – Travel Fearless with Katie Minahan

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Today I’m joined by Katie Minahan, creator and author of the travel blog Just Chasing Sunsets.

This was a conversation that I was really looking forward to because Katie and I have covered similar ground during our travels. Though she’s originally from California, she lived in my home state of Michigan for six years. We also both had celebrated our birthdays in Ireland. Which was the first country that she had traveled to on her own.

Today Katie tell us about her early travels. Discussing the highlights from her trip to Ireland, as well as some of the challenges she faced after returning home.

We also address the topic of fear when it comes to travel and pursuing other things in life. Including the fear of safety, leaving commitments, finances, and the unknown. All things that Katie had faced herself when she made the tough decision to quit her job and travel the world full-time. Though by following a process, she was able to do so.

In this episode, we discuss that process. Talking about how to she addressed her fears and the steps she took to secure financing and put other things in place. We also talk about why you should write your fears down in order to overcome them. How to avoid analysis paralysis when pursuing things in your life. And why you should commit to things you’re passionate about, even if they go against the status quo. This was a conversation that I really enjoyed and found very insightful, and I know you all will too!

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