Episode 35 – Immerse Yourself in Travel with Talek Nantes

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In this episode I’m joined by Talek Nantes, creator and author of the travel blog Travels with Talek.

Talek is the epitome of the phrase ‘Born Traveler’. With her first travel experience occurring when her mother moved from Cuba to New York City while she was pregnant with her. Since then she has covered a lot of ground! As of the recording of this podcast episode, she has a list of 110 countries that she has visited thus far!

Much of her travels have involved getting off the beaten path and immersing herself in the places that she visits. Instead of all-inclusive resorts and tourist hotspots, she opts for bustling marketplaces, local foods, and having conversations in the local language. Now she shares these experiences through her blog to inspire other travelers to seek out similar experiences.

During this conversation, I was surprised to discover that she and I have covered similar ground. Not only have we been to some of the same cities, but we’ve also eaten at some of the same restaurants. We also discuss the topic of immersion more in-depth. Talking about how moving away from the touristy areas and getting off the beaten path leads to amazing memories and much personal growth. This was a conversation that I really enjoyed and found very valuable, and I hope you all will too!

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