Episode 36 – Kid on the Road with Amanda Johnson

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Today I chat with Amanda Johnson, creator and author of the travel blog, Kid on the Road.

The topic of family travel has not come up very much yet on the podcast. So I was looking forward to speaking with Amanda and hearing about her experience thus far. And I was intrigued to find out that whereas many, if not most, couples will choose to travel less after having a child. Both she and her husband felt that it was time to travel more once they learned that they were expecting their son.

Shortly following the birth of their son, the three of them left the bustling streets of New York City to explore Southeast Asia for two and a half months. Visiting countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Bali. Though as amazing as these places are, traveling to them with a young child came with a unique set of challenges.

In this episode, Amanda discusses some of these challenges and how she and her husband overcame them. As well as other tips and inspiration for parents who have a desire to travel with their kids. Including the best modes of transportation, lodging choices, and how to deal with apprehensive friends and family members. Along with this she also talks about some of the life lessons that she has learned. And the life lessons that she wants to teach her son as he gets older and they continue to travel more.

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