Episode 38 – Embrace The Van Life with Ryan Kilpatrick

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My guest today is an entrepreneur and shooter, Ryan Kilpatrick, also known as Embrace The Recoil on Instagram.

I first met Ryan about a year ago when he and I took a concealed pistol course taught by Kawa Mawlayee. If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while you might remember that Kawa was the first guest to appear on the podcast.

During the course, Ryan gave me some insight into this incredible journey that he once took. Where he spent months traversing around the United States in an RV. Now he joins me to tell his story more in-depth.

In this episode, he shares some of the highlights from his journey, a few of which are places that I’ve been to as well. We also discuss some valuable life lessons that he’s learned along the way; including why you should value experiences instead of things, how to create freedom of time, and why you should regret doing things rather than regret not doing things. This was definitely a great conversation, one that I’ve found very valuable, and I know you all will too!

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