Episode 40 – Consistency Over Perfection with Mario Tomic

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Today I speak with Mario Tomic; serial entrepreneur, international speaker, and world traveler.

He is the Founder and CEO of Fitness Mastery, a coaching company that focuses on helping entrepreneurs and busy professionals get in the best shape of their lives.

Mario’s background in engineering, passion for fitness, and a deep understanding of psychology helped him developed the Fitness Mastery mentoring program into a unique step-by-step system for living a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Since 2012, Mario has traveled to over 52 countries. He speaks at health and personal development seminars in 15 different countries, and his online videos have accumulated over 13 million views.

Mario sees himself as a big nerd, sci-fi addict, minimalist, ex-pro video gamer, bookworm, and a big Dragon Ball anime fan. His native language is Croatian.

In this episode, Mario shares some of his travel stories, and we discuss how he has made achievements in his life through consistency. Because as we aim to level up in any and all areas of our lives. Taking consistent action is what it going to get us to those next levels. Mario and I discuss this and much more in this episode, so be prepared to take notes!

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