Episode 41 – The Traveling Traveler with Julia Kuhn

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In this episode, I talk with Julia Kuhn, creator and author of the travel blog The Traveling Traveler.

Julia is also a Speech-Language Pathologist who works short-term contracts for her job. This has led her to live in many different parts of the United States and has allowed her to travel to other parts of the world as well.

Though getting to where she is now was not easy. Like any healthcare professional, she had to undergo intense academic studies. Which involved taken undergraduate and graduate courses back-to-back. But through it all, she set herself up with a rewarding career that she’s been able to combine with her passion for travel.

In this episode, Julia tells us about her journey to become a healthcare professional and some of the places that she has traveled to along the way. We also discuss a variety of life lessons and topics such as; how to be more effective during academic studies, embracing a minimalist lifestyle, and ways to reduce the cost of traveling, among other things. This was definitely a conversation that I enjoyed and found insightful, and I hope you all like it!

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Also if you’re a traveling healthcare professional, check out Julia’s Facebook group, Travel Therapy Therapists.

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