Episode 42 – A Medic in Harm’s Way with Dan Taylor

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In this episode, I speak with Dan Taylor, a remote site medic, instructor, and world traveler with Frozen Medical.

Dan’s career as a medical professional began with search and rescue when he was in high school. He then transitioned into ambulance work while he was in college. After doing much work as an EMT, he decided that it was time for a change.

He moved on to remote medicine and found opportunities to provide patient care and instruction in other parts of the world. Some of these include; a Syrian refugee camp in Greece, in the Canadian Rockies with the Discovery Channel, a commercial fishing vessel in the Bering Sea, and as of the recording of this episode, Moshi, Tanzania.

His profession has also led him to some precarious situations in places like Mosul, Iraq. With chemical attacks, suicide bombings, AK-47 gunfire, and an array of other threats being present. All on his first day in the city!

In this episode, Dan tells us about his career and his experiences with working around the world. Discussing what it was like while he was working in Mosul in the midst of all the chaos. As well as the challenges that he faced upon returning home, and the life lessons that he learned from his experiences. I also ask him to lend us his expertise as a medical professional, and he shares some critical medical skills and important equipment to have so that you can keep yourself safe both at home and while traveling.

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Also, check out these companies that Dan recommended for medical equipment:

North American Rescue
Tactical Medical Solutions
SAM Medical

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