Episode 45 – Deep in the Jungle with Garrett Cooper

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In this first episode of 2019, I talk with Garrett Cooper, CEO and lead guide of Feral Human Expeditions.

Prior to becoming an expeditionary leader, Garrett has had several other incredible adventures. One of which was serving in the US Army as a Forward Observer. This led him to deploy to Iraq for 15 months while assigned to the 1-87 scout/sniper platoon with the 10th Mountain Division.

Following his deployment, Garrett set out on another incredible adventure. While back at his home state of Oregon, he hopped on his motorcycle and made his way south. He then spent seven months riding through Central and South America, eventually making it to Tierra del Fuego.

Now he travels to jungles around the world to lead expeditions and teach wilderness medicine. One of his expeditions being when he and a partner paddled 600 miles through Cambodia and Vietnam to teach CPR in villages along the way. He also has done several expeditions in the Amazon and got to meet with people of the Matis tribe.

In this episode, Garret tells us more about his adventures! Including the highlights and challenges that he faced while riding his motorcycle through Latin America. As well as some of the interesting rituals that he took part in while with the Matis tribe. One of which involved him being poisoned! We also discuss some of the life lessons that he’s learned from his adventures as well. This was definitely a fun conversation and a fantastic episode to kick off 2019 with, and I hope you all like it!

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