Episode 47 – Faith, Family, and Firearms with Baret Fawbush

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Today I’m joined by Baret Fawbush, also known as Truexodus throughout the internet. Baret is a Pastor, a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, a firearms instructor, and one of my teachers. I had the opportunity to train with him a while back during one of his concealed carry courses.

Baret began his journey as a man of faith at age 15. From there he went on to Bible College to become a preacher, and eventually earned his Master’s degree. Now he is a Pastor for a small congregation in southern Indiana.

Baret also grew up around firearms, with many lessons centered around safety and hunting having been taught to him by his father. Though after a terrible incident that occurred while he was attending college, he began to train with firearms for self-defense. Now, after years of training, he’s become a world-renowned instructor.

In this episode, Baret joins me to tell about his journey as a man of faith. He also shares his story from his recent trip to Israel. A place that I’ve got to visit as well. We also discuss firearms training, and why you should pursue things you want in your life regardless of what other people might think of you. This was definitely a powerful conversation, one that I certainly enjoyed, and I know that you all will too!

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