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For this episode of The All-Around Adventure Podcast, I’m joined by avid hiker and outdoor guide, Evie.

Evie has covered a lot of ground and has lived in a variety of different places. She was born in California, spent five years of her childhood in Saudi Arabia, lived in Kansas, and now resides in Texas. Along the way, she also sought out different ways to get outdoors and have some incredible adventures. She’s a licensed skydiver who has completed over 600 jumps, as well as a certified scuba diver. However, after basing herself in Texas, she’s found hiking to be the activity that she’s most drawn to. And now she seeks to share some of her favorite nature spots in the state with singles in their 30s and 40s through her business, Evie Outdoors.

In this episode, Evie tells us some of her stories from her adventures around the world as well as in Texas. And as someone who’s skydived and scuba dived myself, I couldn’t resist asking her about her experiences with doing those activities. Furthermore, we discuss how getting out and experiencing nature with others is a great way to build connection and community.

To watch the video of our conversation, head over to the All-Around Adventure YouTube channel!

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