From Special Forces to Archaeology with Klint Janulis

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Archaeology is a fun and fascinating scientific field. Since I began working as an archaeologist, I’ve learned many things from studying our ancient ancestors. And I’ve also embarked on some incredible adventures. Today on the podcast, I’m joined by fellow archaeologist, Klint Janulis, to hear about some of his travels and adventures while working in the profession. As well as some of his adventures from his time in the military as a Special Forces operator.

Klint is an archaeologist who seeks to understand the minds, technologies, and hunting practices of prehistoric humans in a sub-discipline of archaeology known as paleoarchaeology. Though before embarking on the path of archaeology, Klint spent several years in the US military. First in the Marine Corps, and later in the Army as a Special Forces operator. During his time in the Special Forces, he participated in over 100 combat operations and found himself interacting with different cultures during his deployments. It was then when he began to take interest in anthropology.

After transitioning from the Army, Klint took this newfound interest in anthropology and began to pursue academia. This led him to the prestigious University of Oxford in England to work toward his PhD. Since then he’s conducted archaeological fieldwork and investigations all over the world. Including places like Spain, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, and more. Along the way, he’s also appeared on various television productions in both the US and the UK; including the History Channel, Science Channel, Channel 5, and BBC.

In this episode, Klint tells us more about his story. Talking about what it was like going through Special Forces training, the adventures that he had while deployed around the world, and his transition from combat to the classroom to pursue archaeology. He also shares some of his work in archaeology, and we discuss what we can learn from our ancient ancestors, as well as the value of getting off the beaten path when we travel.

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If you’d like to watch the video version of our conversation, head over to the All-Around Adventure YouTube channel!

Also, take a look at some of his television appearances; the History Channel’s Ancient Top 10, and the Science Channel’s What on Earth?.

And check out the children’s book that Klint wrote, DKfindout! Stone Age!

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