A Ripped Shirt and A late Arrival: Embarrassing Moments While Traveling

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In a previous post I talked about misadventures that can happen while traveling. Some of them can be minor hiccups, some can ruin a trip altogether, and some are just downright embarrassing. For this post I share a few such moments that happened during my move to England.

When I moved to England I flew from Detroit to Manchester, with layovers in Boston and Reykjavik. From the beginning I was already running into a bit of bad luck, as my flight from Detroit was delayed by an hour. So already I felt that was a prelude for a hectic trip to come.

By the time I made it to Boston I was ready to get off the plane so I could make my connection in time. I had my carry-on bag in hand ready to walk right off. However, the same could not have been said for many of the other passengers on-board. As I began walking towards the front of the plane some of them were just now packing up their carry-ons or retrieving them from the overhead bin. Admittedly, these are pet-peeves of mine whenever I travel.

Regardless, I still remained patient and kept my thoughts to myself. As I continued to exit the plane I came across and older woman standing on her tip-toes trying to get her bag out of the overhead bin. I reached up to retrieve her bag for her, but then I almost dropped it straight to the floor. This thing was heavy! “What the hell is she carrying in this thing?!” I thought to myself. I bent over to stand the bag upright, as it had fallen over. But when I did I heard a loud tear! The back of my shirt had ripped!

I stood the bag upright and got up quickly. Hoping that no on else had noticed, but I’m almost certain that those behind me did. I acted as normal as possible and exited the plane. So not only had I arrived into Boston late and had to rush to make my connection, but I also had to contend with a torn shirt on my back. I made my way through the airport while trying to keep a level head so that I can find my way. By the time I made it to the correct terminal I began hearing my name being called over the speakers telling me to report to my gate. The plane was getting ready to leave without me!

I barely made it on the plane! As I entered the fuselage I noticed that every other passenger was already seated and ready for take-off. They all looked towards the front of the plane at the handsome guy wearing a torn shirt that was delaying their departure. Needless to say, I was feeling very embarrassed. So within an hour I faced three embarrassing moments. I ripped my shirt, had my name blasted over the speakers, and stumbled into an airplane that was already full and being the last one on-board. Fortunately, my seat was in the front row. And the two people who were in the row with me were very cool.

By the time I made it to Reykjavik I had calmed down. My layover there was through the night and all of the shops were open. So I was able to get myself some food and connect to WiFi. I tried the Icelandic yogurt Skyr after a friend suggested it, it was delicious! There was also a souvenir shop where I purchased a t-shirt to replace my ripped one. I was kind of bummed about having ripped my shirt. A friend of mine had given it to me while I was living in The Gambia. I still couldn’t believe that actually happened. Perhaps I should dial down the weight training, ha ha.

These moments were certainly embarrassing at the time. But now they are things that I look back on and laugh about. I try to keep this in mind when such things happens. Sometimes they are just out of my control. So I just go with it and do the best that I can. After all… it could have been much worse!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it entertaining. If so, please share it with others. What’s an embarrassing moment from your travels? Leave a comment below and tell about it. Remember, you’re not the only one! Thank you for visiting my blog, have a great day!

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