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Traveling can allow us to gain a greater perspective on the world, as well as ourselves. This was especially the case for me during my time in The Gambia as a Peace Corps volunteer. My guest today also experienced this as he traveled around the world in order to be of service to others. In this episode, I’m joined by Jason Nacey; obstacle course racer, Ironman finisher, and traveling philanthropist.

I first met Jason at the Spartan Media Fest and the Spartan World Championships in Lake Tahoe last year. During those events, he told me a little bit about some of the service trips that he’s taken around the world as part of the USANA Foundation. This has led him to some amazing places. Including a remote village high up in the mountains of Nepal following an earthquake. As well as to Thailand to help out at a shelter that housed children who were rescued from human trafficking.

These types of trips were eye-opening for Jason. He saw what it was like for other people around the world. Many of whom have to commit so much time and effort just to fulfill their basic needs. He also saw how difficult it was for people to recover from things like natural disasters when they had very few resources or government aid available to them. And after each trip, he returned home with not only a greater sense of self, but also a greater sense of gratitude for what he has in his life.

In this episode, Jason tells us more about his story. Talking about some of the places that he’s had the opportunity to travel to, and the people that he’s been able to serve. We also have a great discussion on perspective, and why we should be grateful for the things that we have!

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If you’d like to watch the video our conversation, check out the All-Around Adventure YouTube channel!

Also, go check out these organizations for more information on human trafficking:

Operation Underground Railroad
Zera House
Exodus Cry

Lastly, if you’re interested in other ways of traveling to be of service to others, the Peace Corps would also be a good option!

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