Just Add Wilderness with Mitch London

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In the hustle and bustle of modern-day life, we’re constantly being bombarded with so many things that can build up clutter. Both in our physical space and in our minds. This can lead to stress, and prevent us from finding purpose in our lives. Today on the podcast I’m joined by Mitch London to talk about how you can clear out the clutter, breakthrough stagnation, and become the best version of yourself. All by adding more wilderness into your life.

Mitch is the creator of Just Add Wilderness, a brand that’s on a mission to help men find their identity and purpose. This is done through retreats into the Colorado mountains. An experience in which those attending learn survival skills, talk around the campfire, strengthen their faith, and much more.

Before guiding other men into the wilderness. Mitch grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Though he found that he preferred the lush green forests of the mountains over the high desert, and made his way to Colorado. Along the way, he faced many challenges in his life; including the death of a loved one, the loss of his job, and difficulties in his marriage. All happening around the same time. Therefore, he set off into the wilderness, where he reconnected with his faith, his identity, and his purpose. Now he seeks to help other men experience the same.

In this episode, Mitch tells us more about his story. And he and I talk about some of our favorite nature spots, or what we refer to in this episode as, “Patches of Peace!” We also discuss the power that nature can have, and how it can alleviate much of the stress and overwhelm that can be built up from everyday life.

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Also, Mitch just launched his own podcast! Go check it out, it’s called Wisdom and Wilderness!

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