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Perhaps the most impactful chapters of my life were the times that I had spent living abroad. It was during these times when I learned so much about myself and grew exponentially as a person. My guest today also experienced this during her own stints as an expatriate on two different continents. In this episode, I’m joined by travel blogger, serial expat, and coach, Lauren Bonheim.

Lauren is the creator and the author of the travel blog, Lauren on Location. A blog through which she shares stories about her adventures with living abroad, and coaches others on how to do the same. Following a study abroad to Spain while she was in college. Lauren sought out other opportunities to continue living as an expatriate. This led her to Chile, where she lived for three whole years! Now she has returned to Spain and currently resides in Madrid.

Throughout her time traveling and living abroad, Lauren has had some amazing experiences and learned how to live life on her own terms. Though this has not always been an easy journey, and it came with some tough decisions. One of them being her passing up a potential dream job in New York to book a one-way ticket to Spain. Though the risk paid off, and now Lauren is finding fulfillment with living as an expatriate and helping others through her coaching.

In this episode, Lauren tells us more about her story. Talking about her time living abroad, the memories that she made, and the life lessons that she’s learned. We also have some great discussions about how you can find your own opportunities to live abroad and how to be the character of your own story!

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