Lessons Learned From My Second Skydive

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Recently I welcomed a good friend of mine from Germany to my home in Florida. It’d been about three years since I last saw him. So I was excited to see him again and do some epic adventures. This was his first time visiting the US. And I had a laundry list of activities that I wanted to share with him that I thought would make for a great American experience. Some of which included; kayaking in search of manatees, shooting guns at the range, indulging in some high calories dishes, among others. Though before we got to all of that, we did something pretty insane! After being in the US for less than 48 hours, my friend and I took to the sky and jumped out of a plane!

My roommate and I had booked our skydives months in advance in preparation for my friend’s arrival. Skydiving is something that I’ve done before, though it’d been several years since I did. So I was certainly looking forward to the opportunity to do it again. When we arrived at the drop zone (DZ) where we were going to be diving. I didn’t feel any of the nerves that I’d felt the first time I did it. The process involved was not new to me, and I already knew what to expect. However, the same couldn’t be said for both my friend and my roommate. As this would be their first time skydiving.

As excited as they both were, I could tell that they were a bit nervous. They also revealed this to me after the fact. My friend told me that he had a longtime fear of heights, and my roommate expressed a similar fear as well. Though despite having these fears, both of them willingly got into the plane.

In order to make for a successful skydive, we had to jump from at least 10,000 feet. It took about 15 minutes of riding in the plane for us to reach this altitude. During our ascent, I looked at my friend from across the plane. He seemed to enjoy the views from outside the window. But I could also tell that he was becoming slightly more nervous as the ground got further and further away. This I definitely experienced during my first skydive. And I felt it a little during this second time around as well.

In the plane heading up to 10,000 feet!

Despite how nerve-wracking it might be while you’re in the plane climbing to the right altitude. It all vanishes in an instant once you jump out of the plane. The nerves that you once felt are replaced with a rush of adrenaline! It takes seconds to reach terminal velocity (120 mph), and it’s an experience like no other! After about 40 seconds of free-falling at this speed, we deployed the parachute and enjoyed the next few minutes gently gliding towards the Earth. The sensation of being in the open sky and seeing the world from up high was really hard to put into words.


After all of us safety made it to the ground, the nervousness that I once observed from my friend and my roommate had changed to adrenaline-fueled excitement! Both of them overcame the fear that they had. And they left the DZ with a sense of accomplishment and a great story!

So what life lessons can be taken from skydiving?! Great question, I’m glad you asked it! There are two that come to mind. The first one, of course, is facing your fears. We all experience fear in varying degrees and circumstances. We may fear rejection when asking someone on a date. Or fear failure when we aspire to start a business or move up to a higher position within our careers. Or even fear the unknown when we start planning trips abroad. I experience these kinds of fears a lot myself. However, there’s something else that I’m afraid of. Something that makes these other fears not even worth dwelling on, and that is regret.

I fear that I may end up on my death-bed one day, looking back on my life and having to ask myself “what if?”. What if I’d asked that girl out? What if I’d stepped up in my career and took on that role? Also, what if I’d invited that person to be a guest on my podcast? I don’t want to have to ask myself these kinds of questions down the road. Therefore, I face my fears and take action. And more often than not, what I was afraid of didn’t actually turn out to be as bad as I’d thought.

The next lesson that can be learned from skydiving, and this ties into what I just mentioned about fear, is to push boundaries. Humans are capable of doing incredible things! We can’t fly, but we’ve found ways to take to the sky. We can’t breathe underwater, yet we’ve built devices that allow us to stay down there for a while. We’ve built massive cities and even vessels that allow us to explore beyond our world. All of these became possible because humans were willing to push boundaries.

We can also push boundaries in every facet of our own lives! We can push ourselves in the gym and become stronger. Or read books and listen to podcasts to expand our knowledge. We can also take on more tasks at work to enhance our careers. There are also far away places that we’ve never heard of before that we can travel to. The possibilities are endless! However, pushing boundaries must come from a willingness to do so, followed by deliberate and consistent action!

That’s what I’ve been able to take away from my skydiving experiences. It’s truly a fun, but nerve-wracking, activity, and I encourage everyone to try it! Now, before I close out here, I’ll ask you? What fears are holding you back in your life, and how will you confront these fears? Also, where can you push boundaries in your own life, and what actions will you take in order to do so? Leave a comment below!

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