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For this episode of The All-Around Adventure Podcast, I’m joined by Paige Du Bois, General Manager and Event Coordinator for Queen City Running Company in Marquette, Michigan.

I first met Paige a little over a year ago while I was in the midst of Operation: Wolverine Walk. My 1,200-mile thru-hike across the entire state of Michigan. I faced footwear issues along the North Country Trail that led me to stop at her store. And she was there to provide me with the smoothest footwear-buying experience that I’ve ever had! She and I had stayed in touch since then. I would learn that she has traveled to many different cities to compete in, as well as pace for, various marathons. Or as I like to tell her… racin’ and pacin’! She’s also completed an ultra-marathon in some of the pristine wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. And soon she’ll be running alongside the best long-distance runners in the world when she heads to the Boston Marathon!

In this episode, Paige tells us about how she became a runner, as well as how running has benefited both her physical and mental health. She also shares some of her stories from her travels to race and pace. Furthermore, we discuss the importance of setting goals and focusing on them as you put in the work to achieve them!

To watch the video of our conversation, head over to the All-Around Adventure YouTube channel!

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