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Hi! I'm Josh Guerrero, and I created this brand to share amazing tales from afar and the all-important life lessons that go along with them.

Join me as I talk with travelers all kinds; from warriors, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, best-selling authors, bloggers, adventurers, and so much more! If they have an amazing story to tell and some valuable life lessons to share. I’m seeking them out and extracting these stories and life lessons to help you level up in your life.

Whether you’re looking to build discipline, get in better shape, find inspiration, gain perspective, or what ever else you may be looking to achieve. We’re having those conversations to give you the tools and resources to work towards them.

If you’re ready to gain some valuable information to help you develop yourself and be entertained in the process. I invite you to join me by following the steps below!

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We have something new for you every single Monday! On the podcast you get to hear two different shows! The first is my regular show, which is an interview show. Where you’ll hear stories from a wide array of travelers and adventurers, as well as the life lessons that they’ve learned from their experiences. The second show that I have is a solocast, where I’ll be telling some of my own travel stories, and share some wisdom to go along with each story.

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Along with the blog & podcast, we also have another FREE resource for you, and that is our private Facebook group, Travel Titans! It’s a group created for travelers to share their stories, tips, insights, and inspiration pertaining to travel and personal development.

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