Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, To See or Not to See?

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There are many things for a traveler to see and do in New York City. You can catch a Broadway performance, try many different ethnic foods, walk through Central Park, or visit some of the city’s many landmarks. But what might come to mind for most people when they think of New York is the Statue of Liberty. Which is arguably the most iconic landmark in the city, perhaps even the world.

I did end up going to both Liberty Island and Ellis Island during my visit to the city. But I was left with mixed reviews. One part of me was really glad that I got to visit these places. Especially considering their iconic statuses and what they represent. But another part of me thinks that I could have done my trip without them. Mostly because of the logistics involved with visiting the islands.

I arrived in Battery Park shortly before 0900 to board the ferry to Liberty Island. I thought that I’d arrived early, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. There was an incredibly long line of people waiting to board the ferry, which hardly seemed to move at all. While waiting in line I caught a glimpse of just how much the islands attract visitors from around the world. About four different languages were spoken within earshot, which I found to be quite interesting. It turned out that the building that everyone had to enter before boarding the ferry had airport style security. Which explained the very slow pace of the line. However, the ferry ride to Liberty Island didn’t take very long.

By the time I made it to Liberty Island I was feeling a bit hungry. So I grabbed some lunch before I went in. But not before taking a selfie with the statue. And this was a while ago, before selfies were even a thing.


When I entered the statue’s pedestal I once again had to pass through airport style security. I was glad to see that they were taking such good measures to secure the statue. The pedestal had a small museum inside and I went to the top of it to get a good view. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go up into the crown, as tickets were sold out. So I would certainly recommend any visitor wanting to go up inside the crown to book tickets in advance.

After Liberty Island I boarded the ferry to Ellis Island, which was also a bit of a wait. I went to the National Museum of Immigration to see the halls where millions of immigrants once passed through to come to America. The museum was interesting, and had three floors of exhibits to see. After visiting the museum I was ready to return to Manhattan. Which once again involved a rather long wait to board a very crowded ferry.

It was great to see the Statue of Liberty up close as I did, and to go see Ellis Island. As they are both important iconic landmarks. However, what brought on the idea that I could have done without them was that they took up pretty much all of my day. Which I didn’t really plan for. By the time I made it back to Battery Park it was past 1700, and I didn’t have a lot of time to see much else of the city. Overall though I was glad that I went, and I would certainly recommend others to go as well. Though I would advice setting aside a whole day for them when planning your trip.

So those are my thoughts on visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I hope you enjoyed this post and/or found it somewhat helpful, if so please give it a share. Have you visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island before? Or would you like to? Leave a comment below! Thank you for visiting my blog, have a great day!

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