The Long Trail Home with Matt Littrell

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I’ve had the opportunity to hear a variety of incredible travel stories since I began podcasting. But my guest today has an adventure story unlike any other! Today on the podcast I have fellow US Marine, Matt Littrell, joining me to share his story about how he traveled overland from Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, to Camp Pendelton in California. All while riding on the back of a horse!

Matt joined the Marine Corps in 2001, heading to boot camp just after 9/11. He was then stationed at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in California and assigned as an Infantryman with 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines. Following his service, he faced many demons in his head and found himself looking at his pistol with thoughts of ending it all.

This made him think about the other Veterans out there who might be struggling with the same thing. It was then when he knew that he had to ride a horse across the country. And that he would do it to raise money for the Semper Fi Fund to help his fellow Veterans. From there he started The Long Trail Home Facebook page to showcase his adventure. And in 2014, he and his riding partner Ray set off from the Atlantic coast and began heading west.

After seven months on the road, they lead their horses into the water of the Pacific Ocean! Since then, he returned to Colorado and opened the Valhalla Ranch. Where he welcomes other Veterans to come and ride horses and do other activities. In this episode, Matt shares this incredible story, talking about some of the highlights and the low points, and what he is currently doing to continue to serve his fellow Veterans.

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