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In this day and age, we can deliberately avoid challenges if we want to. But when we seek comfort, I feel that to a degree we’re doing ourselves a disservice. Because we’ll be less capable of dealing with the inevitable challenges that life throws at us. Today on the podcast, my guest, Michael Bulloch, talks about the value of getting out of your comfort zone and what you can gain when you seek out suffering.

Michael is the founder of Man of Mastery, a brand through which he helps others achieve elite life performance. One of the ways in which he does this is through the Man of Mastery podcast. Where he talks with a wide array of guests to discuss various self-development topics. I was recently a guest on his podcast and joined him for episode 040, where I talked about my adventures and Operation: Dual Trek.

Though Michael’s story goes deeper than that. Around his 30th birthday, he set off to do a seven-month backpacking trip around the world. Visiting multiple countries across six countries. And the experiences that he had throughout his world tour instilled many life lessons. With some of the most notable being ones that he gained when he got out of his comfort zone.

However, shortly after this adventure, Michael suffered a severe back injury. And after a long and drawn-out recovery process, he made a full recovery and now seeks out intense physical challenges; including Spartan Races, SEALFit events, and more. In this episode, Michael shares more of his story, and we discuss what drives him and so many other people to travel and seek out suffering in various endurance events. As well as what people can gain from doing so.

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