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For this episode of The All-Around Adventure Podcast, I’m joined by mountaineer, blue-collar worker, and podcaster, Trent Ebersole.

Trent works as a heavy equipment operator in California, as well as other states in the west. A job that has him working very long hours while being away from home for what could be months at a time. Despite his crazy work schedule, Trent has found ways to do regular physical training, eat a clean diet, and get out into the wild and pursue his passion for mountaineering. Now he seeks to help other blue-collar workers to stay in top shape with coaching and podcasting through his brand, The Command Project.

In this episode, Trent tells us about his life as a busy blue-collar working and the systems that he’s implemented in order to maintain his health and wellness. He also shares his stories from the different mountains that he’s summitted along the west coast. As well as the mountains that he’s training for and preparing to summit. Furthermore, we discuss how you can take command of your life through the principles of unity, integrity, and growth.

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