Turn Tragedy Into Triumph with Chris Waddell

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Tragedy can strike at any moment, and sometimes it can change our lives forever. My guest today, Chris Waddell, talks about a tragic accident that he faced early in his life and how we went on to achieve great things afterward. He also talks about how you can turn your own tragedies into triumphs.

Chris is the founder of One Revolution, a foundation that’s on a mission to have those with disabilities be viewed for their potential, rather than their limitations. While he was in college, Chris suffered a skiing accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Following this event, he believed that the world could see him differently. Therefore, he took to the slopes once again to compete as a monoskier. Eventually, going on to compete at the Paralympic level, and becoming the fastest monoskier in the world!

After retiring from athletics, Chris continued on with his mission to turn the perception of disability upside down. This led him to East Africa to attempt a summit bid of Mount Kilimanjaro. After days of hand-pedaling a four-wheeled rover, and with a little help from his team, he eventually made it to the top. Also, throughout his journey, he’s earned several other honors as well; such as becoming the Dalai Lama’s Unsung Hero of Compassion and being one of People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People”.

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