“Welcome to Germany… I Guess.”

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Traveling, in my opinion, is one of the most rewarding things that people can do for themselves. But every now and then it has its downsides, in the form of misadventures. You do the best you can to plan out your trip and make sure that everything goes smoothly. But sometimes things happen that are just out of your control. These things can either be a minor hiccup, or ruin a trip all together. For this post I’ll be sharing one of my misadventures that happened during my first night in Germany.

It was a Monday evening when I arrived in the city of Dresden. I was very excited to be there. But I was also feeling tired from a long day of train and plane travel. A friend of mine lived in Dresden and he was going to pick me up from the airport. But I didn’t see him right away. I checked my phone and noticed that I had a message from him. He said that he was running late due to a demonstration that was happening in the city. I wasn’t sure what he was referring to, but when I met up with him he filled me in. Protesters had gathered in the city. They were protesting against having Syrian refugees being let into the country. Now I’m not going to dive into that issue with this post. I’m simply sharing a story from one of my travels.

According to my friend this particular group gathers every Monday night. How lucky was I that I just so happened to arrive on a Monday. We took a train from the airport and got off near the city center. My friend started to lead me towards a tram stop that we needed to get to. Which just so happened to be right next to where the protesters had gathered. Many police officers had assembled in the streets. All of them were wearing full riot gear. Despite being tired from my day of traveling I made sure that I was alert and mindful of my surroundings.

The protesters were gathered by an intersection, right across the road from where the tram stop was. For the most part the situation seemed to be under control. Occasionally someone would throw a glass bottle out into the street. But that was about it. The police had a line of officers around the group to keep things from getting out of hand. And they were doing a great job to insure that. Still I kept myself alert and tried to come up with an exit strategy in case things took a turn for the worse. I thought of the group of protesters as a puddle of gasoline. All it took was for one person to light a spark and ensue complete utter chaos.

I anxiously waited with my friend at the tram stop. Shortly before it arrived we noticed heavy police vehicles rolling down the road. One of them had a large water cannon on top of it. But it didn’t stop, it just kept on going. I assumed that maybe there was another group of protesters somewhere else in the city that they were heading to. Finally the tram arrived and my friend and I made it on-board. We pulled away from the area and didn’t come across any more protesters the rest of the way.

Fortunately this situation only turned out to be a minor hiccup during my trip. The rest of my time in Germany was absolutely amazing! So don’t let this story deter you from visiting Germany, or anywhere for that matter. Germany is a wonderful country to visit! And I had an awesome time there. But always be safe and stay alert when you travel. Misadventures are bound to happen every now and then. So be ready for them.

I hope you enjoyed this story! I’ll be covering more from my time in Germany in later posts, so stay tuned. What’s a misadventure that you had during a trip you took? Leave a comment below and tell me about it. And if you like this post, please share it! Thank you for visiting my blog, have a wonderful day!

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