What Legends Are Made Of

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Recently I traveled to Kentucky for an archaeological fieldwork project. This project took place at Cumberland Gap National Park and involved trekking deep in the wilderness. Steep slopes, dense vegetation, trip hazards, and freezing temperatures were constant companions. Some days were challenging, and there were moments when I doubted myself out there. However, I told myself a certain phrase in my head to help me change my mindset. And that was, “This is the type of shit that legends are made of!”

I’ve also adopted a similar mindset when I sought out other intense challenges in my life. Such as Marine Corps boot camp, an MMA fight, a Spartan Race, among others. In this episode of Travel Reflections, I talk a little bit about my experiences in Cumberland Gap and from other challenges. As well as the mindset of becoming legendary!

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Also, check out the book that I mentioned in today’s show, Atomic Habits by James Clear!

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