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For this episode of The All-Around Adventure Podcast, I’m joined by my brother and returned guest, Zach Guerrero.

Zach has had several amazing adventures throughout his life! He lived and worked in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where he got to explore some amazing places. Such as Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Isle Royale National Park. He also had the opportunity to spend four months studying abroad in Costa Rica. While also traveling to a few other Central American countries. Furthermore, Zach has made it across the oceans for even more daring endeavors! Including riding into the Sahara Desert on the back of a camel, hopping between islands in the Philippines, and much more!

Though things have changed for Zach during these past few years! Back in the summer of 2020, he became a husband. Not long after that, he and his wife bought their first home. And most recently, at the start of this year, the two welcomed their daughter into the world! Despite these changes, Zach still finds ways to heed the call for adventure. Albeit, in a different way than what he has done before. And he hopes to share his adventurous spirit with his daughter as she gets older. In this episode, Zach tells us about how he’s adapted his travel style to the changes in his life. He also shares tips and ideas for other parents on how to travel with children, and his thoughts on the future and traveling with his daughter!

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