5 MORE Tips For Better Sleep

5 MORE Tips For Better Sleep

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Sleep is absolutely critical for our overall health and wellness! I’ve noticed a very clear difference in how well I show up on days when I’ve had a great night’s sleep, versus days that I don’t. Especially when I’m traveling, and I don’t fully enjoy the place that I’m visiting because I’m feeling too tired. Therefore, I’ve sought out ways to get better quality sleep. In this episode, I discuss 5 tips that you can implement to help you get better sleep. These are things that I’ve personally implemented and have found great success with, so I hope you find them beneficial.

If you’d like more tips for better sleep, I did a podcast episode a while back where I shared 5 other tips, you can listen to that HERE!

Also, here are links to the resources that I use that I talked about in the episode!:
Melatonin supplement that I take: MTN OPS Slumber
White noise app that I use: Relaxio

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