An American Expat in Japan with Stephanie Montague

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Today I’m joined by Stephanie Montague, creator and author of the travel blog Poppin’ Smoke.

I was really looking forward to having this conversation with Stephanie. Because she had the opportunity to live in one of my personal favorite countries; Japan. Following her husband’s retirement from the Army, the two of them decided to go abroad. Ultimately staying in Japan long term to be near family. While there, Stephanie had a plethora of amazing experiences. Ranging from interacting with the locals, trying unique and delicious foods, and climbing Mount Fuji.

In this episode, Stephanie tells us about her stint in Japan. Sharing some of the highlights during her time there. The challenges faced with logistics and getting integrated. And in typical All-Around Adventure fashion, some of the life lessons that she’s learned as well. We also discuss tips for anyone else who may be interested in living abroad someday. This was definitely a great conversation, and I certainly enjoy going down memory lane as I listened to Stephanie’s stories.

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