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Here we go, the first guest episode of 2021! To kick off this new year, I’m excited to welcome back fellow podcaster and first-time author, Alex Starr.

Alex is a man with a diverse background. He started off by volunteering as part of AmeriCorps and found himself traveling all across the US to work on various projects. Following AmeriCorps, he continued to travel and work around the county as a wildland firefighter. Eventually, he made his way outward and spent several months traversing in and around Central and South America.

Along the way, Alex learned many valuable life lessons. One of which was how to live intentionally and on his own terms. A lesson that turned into the focal point of his podcast, Rewrite The Rules. After several years of podcasting and getting to speak to a vast array of people who are also living intentionally. He decided to compile what he’s learned into a book. Which will be titled, Rewrite The Rules: An Unconventional Way To Build An Intentional Life. I was fortunate enough to receive and read an advance copy before it launches to the public on January 26th! And it was a book that I enjoyed and found very insightful!

In this episode, Alex tells us more about his story. We also break down the topic of intentional living and how to rewrite the rules in your own life. Alex also takes us behind the scenes and tells us about this journey to become an author and what you have to look forward to once his book launches!

To watch the video of our conversation, head over to the All-Around Adventure YouTube channel!

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Also, go pick up a copy of Alex’s book!: Rewrite The Rules: An Unconventional Way To Build An Intentional Life!

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