Episode 43 – Rewrite the Rules with Alex Starr

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Today I’ll be talking with Alex Starr, founder and host of the Rewrite the Rules podcast!

Alex’s tenure as a traveler began right here in the US. He grew up in northern California, and eventually found his way to Denver, Colorado to join AmeriCorps. Which led him to travel all over the country to help fulfill different projects.

It was during this time when he learned the skills to become a Wildland Firefighter. Which is what he pursued upon completing his service in AmeriCorps. This took him to some rural areas like southern Arizona, near the Mexican border, as well as other parts of the country.

After working as a firefighter, Alex decided that it was time to venture abroad. He made his way to Peru and spent months traveling around Latin America. Soon finding his way to several remote areas, such as the Darién Gap between Panama and Colombia. During these months of traveling, Alex made many fond memories and learned some valuable life lessons along the way.

Now he shares what he’s learned through the Rewrite the Rules podcast. A show where he speaks with people from around the world with alternative lifestyles, mindsets, and stories to show you all the possibilities that this world has to offer. In this episode, Alex shares some of his travel stories, and we discuss the concept of Rewrite the Rules more in-depth, to share with you how you can live life on your own terms. So be ready to take notes and also be ready to laugh, as this is perhaps the most humorous episode on the podcast to date!

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The Rewrite the Rules Program

Also, check out Alex’s book: Rewrite The Rules: An Unconventional Way To Build An Intentional Life!

Lastly, check out Alex’s recommendations for books and websites with opportunities abroad:

Work Away
Help X
Desert Solitaire
I Got There
The Obstacle is the Way
The Slight Edge
The Four Agreements
Food of the Gods

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