Archaeology in Malton, England (Video)

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Archaeology is a subject that I’ve developed strong interest in. So much so that I’ve chosen to study it for my Master’s degree. That is why I made the move to England. There is so much history and archaeology in this country. Stick a shovel in the ground anywhere and you’re likely to find something (Don’t actually do that though!). That was something I was really looking forward to when I learned that I’d be moving here. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do as much fieldwork as I’d hoped for. But recently I found a great opportunity to get some field experience when I received an invitation to work at a dig site with Operation Nightingale USA.

Operation Nightingale USA is a non-profit organization that allows for military veterans to participate in archaeological fieldwork. In doing so veterans can learn new skills, interact with other veterans, and find healing if needed. As a former Marine I enjoyed the chance to be around other veterans. Which is an aspect that I think many veterans would benefit from. No longer having that brotherhood after leaving the military can be a tough transition.

The dig took place in Malton, which is a small town in North Yorkshire county. The purpose of the dig was to investigate the site of a Roman military fort. Which dates back almost 2,000 years.

While working at the site I teamed up with a few other veterans and archaeologists to dig a trench. We had dug down pretty deep in the trench and found a variety of things. Searching for these artifacts that have been lost to the world for so long was something that I was really excited about when I was told that I can join the dig. As a result I gained some valuable field experience, found some cool stuff, and made some new friends.


If history and archaeological are things that you’re interest in, then England is a great place for you to visit. England takes great pride in preserving its heritage. And I was very glad that I got to take part and help out during the dig in Malton. Many thanks to Operation Nightingale USA for allowing me to have this opportunity.

I hope you enjoyed this post about me digging up the past with Operation Nightingale USA. To support this wonderful non-profit organization so that other veterans may have the same opportunity, head over to Also be sure to share this post with others!

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