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I’m a firm believer that with a strong body, comes a strong mind. And that when we make our physical health a priority, it enhances all other areas of our life. Today on the podcast I speak with Mike Milakovic to talk about the value of putting in the hard work, why you should make fitness a life long journey, and how all of it leads to you becoming mighty.

Mike is the owner and founder of Mighty Mike’s Foods, a health food company that’s on a mission to produce healthy and delicious foods to help people be mighty from the inside out! Though prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Mike had a long history in training in athletics. This led him to become a college scholarship athlete, and eventually an Olympic hopeful for the hammer throw.

The pursuit of his Olympic dream took him to Hungary, where he lived for an entire year to train with some of the best in the world. He eventually went on to take what he’s learned to help hundreds of other people on their own fitness journeys. In this episode, Mike shares more of his story and his experiences with traveling and living around the world. And we have a fantastic discussion on health and fitness; including how to overcome obstacles that get in your way, aligning your health and fitness goals with your passion, and how you can be mighty!

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