Top Tips for Bar Safety

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In this episode of The Blog Readings, I’ll be reading a post from another blog! Not too long ago I had the privilege to welcome Chelsey Schultz, creator and author of The Ninja Gypsy, on the podcast. We had a great conversation about travel safety, which is a topic that I take great interest in and like to talk about from time to time. Recently, Chelsey published a post on her blog titled Top Tips for Bar Safety that I found very insightful.

I don’t frequent bars very often when I travel, so when it comes to travel safety, I’d say that this isn’t my specialty. Therefore, I reached out to Chelsey to see if I could borrow her expertise on the subject and share her post. And that’s what I’ll be reading in today’s episode. Thank you Chelsey for allowing me to read it aloud!

To read her entire post, click HERE!

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And check out Chelsey’s book!: Inspired: The Stories of Nine Solo Female Travelers

Chelsey also created a Facebook group called Safe Travel for Women. Where female travelers share their tips, ideas, and general information on how to travel the world safely.

Lastly, tune into Chelsey’s appearance on the podcast HERE!

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And until next time; be safe, happy travels, and always move forward!

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  1. Hey Josh! Thank you for doing an awesome reading of my blog post! I hope that your readers enjoyed the reading and will keep some of those tricks in their minds for the next time that they hit the bar!

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