Chasing the Wild Goose with Brie Goumaz

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Today on the podcast I’m joined by Brie Goumaz, creator and author of the travel blog Chasing the Wild Goose.

This was a conversation that I found interesting. During my call with Brie to record this episode, she logged into Skype from inside her van. Which she had parked in a Whole Foods parking lot and was using the store’s WiFi.

For almost a year now Brie has been living in that van with her boyfriend and their dogs. And they have been traveling all around the country. Making it far south to the Florida Keys, as well as far north to Maine, and to many places out west.

In this episode, Brie tells us about how she and her boyfriend got started with living in their van. And what their journey has been like thus far. We talk about the highlights, the challenges, and the life lessons that she’s learned along the way. We also discuss why you should follow your heart, even if it goes against the norm. The value of having freedom of time instead of material possessions. And why you should say yes to opportunities in your life.

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