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Egypt is a part of the world that hasn’t been discussed much on the podcast before. It’s a country that has been on my radar for a very long time. Much of this is because of the vast array of ancient sites that can be found there. My guest today is someone who has been there several times and has studied the place in depth. In this episode, I’m joined by my friend and fellow archaeologist, Dr. Paul Harrison.

Dr. Harrison began traveling at a very young age. With much of his early travels being to many ancient and historical sites around Europe. This fascination with exploring ancient sites led him to University College London to study archaeology. It was there where he earned a Master’s degree, as well as a Ph.D. in Egyptian Archaeology. During this time, he traveled back and forth to Egypt on a number of occasions, and explored some of the wonderous archaeology sites that are located there!

Later on down the road, Dr. Harrison sought out TV presenting and has made several media appearances. Some of which include; History Channel’s Ancient Top Ten, Sky News, and Sega’s Total War video game series. He also delves into the mystery, media, and mania of history as the host of The Profane Humanities Podcast. A show where he interviews leading experts in archeology, history, Egyptology, anthropology, Egyptomania, authors, Kemetics, game designers, film-makers, and more! I myself had the honor to be a guest on his podcast!

In this episode, Dr. Harrison tells us more about his story. Talking about his experiences with studying archaeology and his travels to Egypt. He also shares his expertise on some of the history and archaeology of the country!

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He also wrote a book, titled Profane Egyptologists: The Modern Revival of Ancient Egyptian Religion.

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