Episode 22 – Strengthen Your Connections with Ryan Michler

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In this episode, I had the honor to talk with Ryan Michler, the host and founder of the Order of Man podcast. Which is a show that is simply about becoming a better man. Helping men improve their relationships, their businesses, their health, and other areas of life. All things that Ryan himself has worked to improve on. And a critical component to doing so was surrounding himself with the right people and building strong connections.

Since starting Order of Man, he’s traveled extensively across the country to meet podcast guests, meet people at networking events, and seek out mentors and coaches. He’s also found travel to be a great way to further connect with his family. And they recently returned from a trip to Hawaii where they spent Christmas. All of these experiences played huge roles in his own journey to become a better man. And he’s covered this topic in-depth throughout the Order of Man podcast, as well as in his new book Sovereignty: The Battle For the Hearts and Minds of Men. Which is now an Amazon bestseller! This was a conversation that I really enjoyed and gained a lot of value from!

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Also, check out Ryan’s book: Sovereignty: The Battle For the Hearts and Minds of Men!

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