TBR 04 – The Best Self-Defense System for Travelers

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For this 4th episode of The Blog Readings, I share a blog post that I wrote recently titled, The Best Self-Defense System for Travelers. I started writing more posts relating to travel safety after conversations with some of my friends. Most of whom liked the idea of traveling, though they were afraid to. They would hear about so many crazy and awful things that were happening around the world and they were concerned about their safety.

This was something that I was also concerned about. I’ve been in a few precarious situations myself during my own travels. So I made it a point to seek out proper training in order to prepare myself for any future incidents. I began taking firearms and concealed carry courses, and I also sought out combatives and self-defense classes. The latter was something that I’ve done extensively while I was living in the UK.

For this post, I talk about my experience doing so and tell you about a particular self-defense system that I believe you should seek out in order to better prepare yourself. Not only for threats that you may face while traveling but threats that you may face at home as well. So I hope you like today’s reading and find it valuable!

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