Episode 24 – Shred America with Mike Kosciesza

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In this episode, I talk with skateboarder and documentary filmmaker, Mike Kosciesza. This was a conversation that I was really looking forward to because Mike had this incredible, and quite unique, story to tell. Back in 2008, Mike teamed up with a few friends in Chicago and they hit the road to head towards New York City. Though they didn’t use a car, or a bus, or a train, or any other form of motorized transportation. They decided to make the long journey on skateboards!

At the time Mike, along with some of the others on the team, was studying film. And they decided to record their journey with the intent of making it into a documentary. Along the way, they documented the incredible experiences that they shared, as well as some of the mishaps and challenges. Some of which included finding suitable places to sleep, enduring inclement weather, and being chased by animals!

Though due to life circumstances, the production of the documentary was put on the back burner for a long time. Until Mike and the team came together once again to finish it. And after years of hard work, their film, titled Shred America, is now complete! In this episode, Mike tells us a little bit about the journey, what he’s learned after having gone through it, and why you should pursue the things that you are passionate about. This was definitely a story that I really enjoyed hearing, and I hope you all like the episode!

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